The Best Skiing Destinations in Europe

Here at Quatro Destinations, we love a holiday which revolves around skiing. Maybe it’s because we are located in the UK and the “you want what you can’t have” is starting to run off on us. But regardless, Europe is filled with many ski resorts, most of which being in Austria, France and Switzerland among others. In this article the Quatro team are looking to breakdown which ski resort destinations we consider to be the best in the whole of Europe!

St. Anton, Austria

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With its trails being a massive 200 metres, it’s easy to see what St. Anton pops into this list straight away, although what possible makes St. Anton the place it is, is it’s excellent Après ski celebrations which occurs daily in and around the resort. Holding events such as the Stanton Ski Open, combining the sport of skiing with music, drink and good times is one of the methods to the resorts success. St. Anton is the perfect option for a group of friends looking to get as many social activities squeezed in around their ski trip as possible.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

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Kitzbuhel is another of Austria’s premier ski resorts, although where St. Anton appeals mostly for a younger generation who are seeking thrills and nightlife, Kitzbuhel is more designed for serious skiers who are looking to take advantage of the huge slopes and over 60 lifts for making sure you are constantly on the move. Kitzbuhel is also the perfect place for spectators to be seriously entertained, with the yearly Hahnenkamm downhill race on the World Cup circuit, referred to as the “scariest” downhill race in Europe. Although the town of Kitzbuhel is beautiful, it’s definitely more suited for the older generation.

Val d’Isère

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Val d’Isère is the perfect destination if you are looking for something for everyone. It’s probably the safest bet in Europe for a ski destination, why is this? It’s probably something to do with the many options for après ski, relaxed or rowdy, the charm of the local village and all it can offer in terms of restaurants, bars, spas and so on. Perhaps that isn’t enough for you? In Val d’Isère there are lots of options for skiing regarding your ability. With trails specifically designed for beginners available as well as more intermediate level trails for more experienced skiers. If you are looking for somewhere to travel with friends of family, Val d’Isère can cater for all of your needs. check out Mark Warner for more extensive information on Val d’Isère

Livigno, Italy

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Although, Livigno is actually one of the most difficult destinations to get yourself to in Europe, due to it being 3 hours from the nearest city, we think it’s still worth the journey. The reason why it makes the list is mainly due to its price, it’s very cheap and that’s why many people who are on a tighter budget find themselves travelling to Italy to take on the slopes here. And with a charming little village, great après ski options and other activities on hand when you want a little break from the slopes. This is a perfect first time destination.

Croatia: a low cost destination for coastline lovers

Croatia is known all over Europe for it beautiful islands and beaches, its well preserved medieval villages and towns, natural parks, lakes and waterfalls.
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Capri – paradise island in Italy

Capri is a small island in the Bay of Naples that used to be a favourite place of Roman emperors, who erected their summer residences here to flee from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Full of historical monuments and natural resources, the island is worth visiting both in high and low season. A well-planned holiday on Capri is a great way to recover from winter depression in the Mediterranean sun.

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Madagascar – What to see in the capital of the island?

The fourth largest island of the globe – Madagascar – is unique in every way. This is a huge island what makes it very hard to visit it all. It is definitely better to visit fewer places but calmly be able to fully appreciate them with no rush. What attractions await for you in the capital of Madagascar?

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5 the most popular resorts in Croatia

Every year more and more tourists are eager to go on holidays to Croatia, the country of sea caves, hidden coves, medieval architecture and tropical beaches. Its rich history, countless monuments and stunning islands attract millions of tourists, but with a country so full of amazingly beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, how does one choose which to visit? To make you mind, check out my top 5 of most popular resorts in Croatia.

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