Cuba or Dominican Republic? Check which country fits you better for your next dream holidays.

Are you dreaming about holidays in the Caribbean where you can enjoy everlasting sun, drink delectable cocktails and dance to sensual vibes of bachata?  Cuba and Dominican Republic – two most popular Caribbean destinations will definitely meet your expectations when it comes to the ultimate Caribbean bliss.  Check out what to do on those two islands and choose your destination.


Both Caribbean destinations are gaining a lot of interest among Britons this season. However, Cuba is favourite among couples and tourists aged 45 plus. Its unique climate attracts tourists wanting to feel never-ending warmth.  The island that is like a hot volcano, where salsa resounds from dusk to dawn – Cuba is a top choice for those who enjoy relaxing, fun and sightseeing. The latter will be delighted, because the tour programs in Cuba are so richly planned that you can discover almost the whole island.

What to see on an excursion?

Havana is a city with an extraordinary energy, atmosphere where you can admire old-fashioned cars. Santiago de Cuba is characterized by the colonial charm of the former capital of Cuba. The monuments and landscape of the Sierra Maestra are also a must-see place when visiting Cuba. Holguin is a charming town with beautiful parks and monuments whereas Viñales is the capital of Cuban tobacco industry. You should stop in Santa Clara and visit there the Che Guevara mausoleum and museum.  It is worth exploring two stunning cities, the relicts of colonisation: Trinidad, the pearl of Cuba, that is the best -preserved colonial city on the island and Cienfuegos on the south, the only town founded by the French.

Cuba also has something for lovers of good cuisine. Must try: bacon – tortillas with plane and pork, moros y cristianos – white rice with black beans, arriz con pollo – rice with chicken. Popular snacks include crisps and pancakes, or medianoche – the famous Cuban sandwich. Fresh fruit lovers will be delighted with the freshly squeezed mango juice, while cocktails’ fans will love the mojito, daiquiri, cuba libre and pina colada drinks.

Even if you do not like souvenirs from travels, it is unlikely to come back from Cuba empty-handed. Here you just have to buy Cuban cigars, rum, coffee. At local stalls, you can come across some souvenirs from the revolution: Che Guevara images, old books, magazines, postcards, paintings. If you love music, have a look on Cuban music instruments: clave, guiro and maracas.

Dominican Republic

Dominican is as sensual as the dance that has its roots on this island – bachata. It’s an ideal destination for relaxing and exploring the area. – For those who want to sunbathe in a paradise setting, we recommend the Dominican Republic – this is a more family oriented and ideal for couples, during their honeymoon.

The capital, Santo Domingo with its wonderful old town is a must-see when you are in Dominican Republic. Also, when you are visiting the capital, check out nearby village Altos de Chavon, the colonial town built of coral. To get a full Caribbean experience, explore the Saona Island with a perfect tropical beach and turquoise sea and the peninsula of Samana to see its rich wildlife and mangrove forest in Los Haitises Park.

The hotel base in the Dominican Republic is almost perfect. There are hotels with children facilities and with all-inclusive option. Beautiful, wide beaches and evening entertainment will delight even the most demanding tourist. Dominican Republic is a great place to do water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Dominican Cuisine is represented by a great beef steak and exquisite seafood: crawfish, giant prawns and fresh fish. The typical Dominican drinks are delicious rum and mamajuana – a local liqueur often called the medicine for everything. But this is just the beginning of Dominican treasures. You might need some extra money for the souvenirs: cigars, CDs with merengue music and snail cream. All local specialties can be bought in the hotel’s shops, on the Caribbean bazaar or on the famous El Conde street in Santo Domingo.

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