5 the most popular resorts in Croatia

Every year more and more tourists are eager to go on holidays to Croatia, the country of sea caves, hidden coves, medieval architecture and tropical beaches. Its rich history, countless monuments and stunning islands attract millions of tourists, but with a country so full of amazingly beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, how does one choose which to visit? To make you mind, check out my top 5 of most popular resorts in Croatia.


On Istria – the largest peninsula of the Adriatic – Poreč is located, former Roman city that turned into a thriving tourist resort in the 70s and 80s. Today is one of the most popular Croatian destination among tourists thanks to first of all, outstandingly warm beaches, rich history dated back  to Roman and Gothic times and large hotel base. The town offers tourists blue-green warm sea with rocky coves, pine groves and an easy access to many neighbouring small islets. It is one of the oldest cities on the peninsula.


The largest town on the Makarska Riviera, known for being the most touristic and full of entertainment. The city is semi-circular, located on the coast, under the steep slopes of the Biokovo mountain range. Numerous hotels, shops, restaurants and bars are neighbouring with the picturesque old town with a captivating vibe. During the high season, you should be ready to meet a lot of people from all around the world that are attracted by the natural beauty of the city and exciting night life. This destination is recommended for people who want to relax by the sea during the day and party at night.


Umag is another town located on the Istrian peninsula that during the summer season is extremely popular. This picturesque village boasts of large, elegant marina, several wide beaches and a beautiful old town. Apart from hotels and private homes, there is a huge selection of campsites for tourists travelling by cars.

Sveti Filip i Jakov

The town of North Dalmatia owes its name to two apostles Philip and Jackob. In the Middle Ages, a beautiful church was erected to commemorate their contribution to the religion. Today Sveti Filip i Jakov is a small and quiet resort for those who appreciate calm holiday. There is a huge selection of accommodation available – you can rent comfortable holiday homes, hotel rooms or private accommodation.

Vela Luka

Vela Luka closes the top 5 of best Croatian resorts. It is located on the bay of the same name on the western end of the island of Korcula. In the city there are numerous hotels, guesthouses and apartments for rent. The local marina has many ferry cruises for tourists who want to visit the nearby islands of Hvar and Mljet or explore majestic Split.

When you are planning on going to Croatia, keep in mind that this country has a lot more to offer than those 5 destinations. If you have not found a location perfect for you, do not worry and keep looking. Croatia will never leave you disappointed.

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